A few things to consider before you use URL shortener

There are a lot of people who love to use URL shorteners to make money and monitor traffic. These individuals are always on the hunt for those extra bucks. You might find people suggesting you the best URL shortener in India and asking you to use certain services. However, what is good for you depends on what you need and there are some factors that you have to consider whenever you use a URL shortener. Whatever traffic you are looking to achieve is routed to your web via that shortener so you got to be careful about your choice and the services that you are using.


The URL shortener has to be up all the time because it is from where your traffic is coming. If the shortening website goes down, whenever the users click the link to come to your site, they won’t be able to reach it. The reason is that the link is broken from the shortening website and the individuals are not being able to reach to your website. Therefore, always hunt for a trustworthy and reliable source. Even if you aim is to make money only via these sites, still, you would be hurt if it goes down any time.

Redirect credit

Many people don’t know about this factor but the URL shortening services use various HTTP redirects that determine where the redirect credit will go. You would never wish that the credit for your URL will be given to the shortening website by search engines. Therefore, always look for the sites that give you a chance to have 301 permanent redirect links. This assures that the search engines credit your website for the visits, not the site that helps you in shortening the URLs.

Privacy policy

There are a lot of people who use the shortening services in order to direct people to malicious addresses and sites that are not up to the standards. Therefore, take a look at the security and privacy policy of the URL shorteners. You won’t have any control over what is happening there and no one would wish that his or her audience falls victim to hackers and end up being vulnerable because of the shortened URLs provided to them. Even there are instances when your shorten URLs will fall to malicious software and ultimately it will infect your real website URL as well as your webpage.


Many of you might use URL shorteners just because you are willing to earn some extra bucks. If this is the case, you have to be careful about how the URL shorteners are working. They would pay you for a thousand visits and the payment depends on the URL you provide for shortening and what sort of audience comes there. Take a look at the best URL shortener in India and never go for the websites that are not trustworthy or reliable. You will have to put in some effort with these shortening services and no one would like to end up with nothing for all the hard work.

Professional supplier of rare earth magnets – AOMAG

There are a lot of companies that look forward to purchasing strong magnets. They are used in numerous appliances and industries tend to purchase them in enormous amounts. However, there is a problem that rare earth magnets are not available easily. And the fact that they are highly in demand makes has surfaced many amateur suppliers that are providing poor quality magnet. A bad magnet means that you will have issues with your appliances and any company that is looking to manufacture top quality items will pay attention to this part. So, it is important that you get custom magnets to be used in your items from a decent company and if you look forward to rare earth china magnet the AOMAG got your covered. Here are some reasons why trading with AOMAG can be highly beneficial.

High quality strong rare earth magnet

If you are looking for quality magnets, you should consult AOMAG. They are providing you a chance to get your hands on the best magnets that you can use in various appliances. You can use them in manufacturing toys, motors, bikes, electric appliance, computer instruments, and many more places. The permanent magnet technology is advancing at a rapid rate and company is keen in providing their clients with the magnets that are manufactured using latest technology. They are certified and licensed and work with a team of professionals that are qualified and experienced and will not let you down in any case.

Dedicated support

The company offers you a dedicated support for the magnets and products that you purchase from them. They are open to address any issues and often provide you with a dedicated team of engineers that will work on solving the problems that occur in your work. It is especially considerable when you look forward to getting custom magnets and want them to work in a certain manner. To assure that the desired working is achieved and the magnet is fulfilling the job requirements appropriately, these engineers work hard and assure that you get what you want. And in the case of trouble, the support team will always be there for you.

Timely deliveries

Companies hate turning off the supply lines just because something they have ordered failed to arrive on time. Therefore, you need to join your ties with a company that can give you stuff right on time. No delay is acceptable and when you are looking for a long term deal it is highly considerable. So, get yourself on the same page with AOMAG as they assure you that your deliveries will be on time and you won’t have to keep them calling because the products arrived late or there was any other issue with them.

Corporate culture

Companies tend to look for corporate culture as they add up to professionalism and comfort level. It satisfies them and increases their trust in certain business. AOMAG truly understands the importance of corporate culture and will make it certain that you feel at home and comfortable with them.


gift cards

Benefits of Selling Gift Cards In 2018

You can now sell Sell gift cards in very smart rates and enjoy profits. You can sell itunes gift card, sell amazon gift card, exchange gift card for cash. All this you can do in very good rates. There are also some companies which are offering the same features like this but the prices and rates are not this same. So this would b the best choice for you to sell itunes gift card in Nigeria, sell amazon gift card for naira, trade itunes card for naira, and sell gift cards in Nigeria. The main thing which the people focus on before engaging in trade with companies is the presence of trust and honesty. Honesty stands for the justified dealings in business operations. By engaging in trade with Pax Trading you can get the chance to get awesome prices for the supply of gift cards. This company takes care of the fair dealings and gives the chance to the partners to enjoy maximum profits.

Pax trading only deals in the major cards with the denomination of minimum $25. You can engage from any country. But you can’t deal in Mexican cards. This service is available for you 24/7. The payment which you receive in exchange of these gift cards is most of the time in form of bitcoins and Paypal. The payment made through Paypal generally has the time period of 2 hours to get transferred. The bitcoin payment takes just a few minutes. The other modes of the payment include Naira, Cedis, RMB and CNY. You can also get an Apple ID incase if you are dealing in itunes gift cards. There could be a special ID generated for you if needed. The amount afterwards is loaded on the same ID.

The long term partners have the opportunity to get benefitted from the coins and cards. There are too many people who have availed this opportunity. People who have engaged in trading with Pax Trading have never faced any issue regarding transaction failure or late payment. Yet this is the best option for the people who are looking for fair trade opportunities. Pax Trading is reliable from every aspect. It is registered and has a clear track record in past transactions. You can never find a platform this much efficient and fair. You can sale your gift cards in just minutes by offering them to sale online and the payment is also made immediately as the sale proceeds. There is no delay or failure of payment once the sale is done.

The other most important thing which the people look out in trading firm is the rates. So by engaging in trade with Pax trading, you are sure to enjoy good rates on the sale of the gift cards. There are some other companies and firms providing same services but not all of them are secure to deal in with and also the rates differ. This is the best option for you to make a good earning and also enjoy the extra benefits by being the long term partner.

abu dhabi

Why U.A.E is the best region to setup a company

U.A.E is the best region to setup a company because starting a business over there is effortless and hassle-free. Their government had the pro-investment and business policies. They always encouraged foreign investment. The UAE offered the incentives for the one who setup company over here. The business person doing Company setup in Abu Dhabi is also given incentives for their investments. Doing Company setup in this region has simple procedures, and taxation is almost not there. Doing all this because they think backing new business will help them to sustain their economy in the long run. Due to all these reasons, UAE is the best region to setup a company.

Some important reason, why to consider UAE for starting a company:

Flourishing economy of UAE:

The economy of UAE is dynamic and flourishing one, that’s why it is attractive for many company owners to setup company in UAE. Many people are considering to start company setup in Abu Dhabi. This region has a stable financial climate that’s why many business owners want to start a business here. Due to strong financial climate they can start and can earn more profits within a few years, they can operate their business successfully.

Rules and regulation are applied:

Totally different rules and regulation are for the foreign investors who want to setup company in this region. The Paperwork is very basic and quick, fast procedures to setup company. This fast procedure helps to setup company more easily, and quickly having registration, licensing as well.

Workers are easily available:

UAE is the place many people come to earn for themselves and to support their families, they think wages over here are good enough, and taxes are not much applicable to them, so there is no shortage of manpower. In this region, you can find both skilled and non-skilled labors. If you are setting up the company over here you will have no problem in hiring them for doing operations for your company. If doing Company setup in Dubai, there also you can find skilled and non-skilled labors easily.


The free zones in UAE are providing good physical infrastructures, power supply, connectivity, and warehousing.

Support from the government:

The government in UAE region provides support services to the foreign investors doing business. They help them with license, documentation, postcards and certificates. They have good and favorable business policies for the investors making company setup over here.

UAE has free zones, these are the special zones which have a special tax, customs and import rules, and regulation. In the UAE there are 35 free zones. Doing business over there gives you many benefits.

When doing Company setup in Abu Dhabi consider these free zones to start because they are free from import and export tax. These areas give the foreign investor full ownership of the company. Corporate tax is not applicable for 50 years and also free from the income tax.

These are all the reasons why the UAE is the best region to setup a company.