The Features Of The Most powerful flashlight

The most powerful flashlights can be defined on the basis of the durability and the price. But you can also find a list of most powerful flashlight on fairly reasonable price.

Here is the list of some most powerful flashlights

  • Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL Professional Tactical Light

It can be a perfect choice as it has small size and shape; this EDC flashlight has considered this as their most prominent feature. This makes it a power giant enclosed in small size and shape. It gives a lumen output with lithium batteries. The high batteries come with C4 LED technology. It is an excellent choice for professional use as it has small size and multiple applications. It is very simple in use and it has a waterproof feature that makes it durable during rains. You can adjust the brightness based on your preferences.

It is a tactical flashlight to be used at home. It has a CREE T6 XML LED which is combined with focusing option together provides an intense beam of light. So far, this light is stronger than other lights with lumen output. It comes with five different levels of brightness which you can adjust according to your requirements. It has a unique design which makes it easy to use and handle. To make it safer, it has gold plated ring which prevents corrosion when connecting. It has a flexible power option due to its AAA or CR 123 ALKALINE batteries. To use it on high mode they are recommended for optimal use with 18650 reasonably priced lithium batteries. It has different accessories with different applications. It is the best flashlight to be bought with limited budget.

  • ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-G2 R5 LED Flashlight

The prominent feature of this flashlight is its tiny structure. By looking at the size you might think how this tiny piece of light can satisfy you by its performance. But surprisingly this CREE XP-G2 has multiple functions which provide multiple benefits to the users. It is easy to carry and handle, it can even fits in your pocket and can be even kept as keychain flashlight. Amazingly this miniature flashlight has a ability to produce 120 lumens output. It runs on AAA batteries which makes it stand out from the rest. AAA batteries are easily available so changing the batteries won’t be a mess. With this tiny structure it has the ability to produce brightness at four different levels.