How Sarahah went viral among everyone in last week?

Everyone love apps and Sarahah is an iPhone app that went viral in past few days. This app was introduced earlier this year and is famous because of the unique idea behind it. The idea of this app is to deliver the messages to anyone without informing the identity of the sender. This seems amazing for most of the people who want to say something to others that can’t be said on their face. It is just like the messaging app in which the person just shares the ID with others and gets the messages without knowing the names of senders.

Regions of fame

The regions in which this app mainly becomes famous are the countries of UK, Ireland, US, and Australia. This app was actually created by the app developer in Saudi Arabia whose name is Zain al – Abidin Tawfiq.

This works like all other social media apps to deliver and receive the messages. The idea behind this was that people are more honest when they do something anonymously.

It has become really famous not only Arab regions but also among the teenagers of English countries. The meaning of the word Sarahah which is an Arabic word is honesty or frankness.

Use in corporate setting

While making the app, the owner basically targeted the corporate sector. According to his point of view, the subordinates do not feel comfortable with reaching out to their bosses openly. There are some things they need to talk about without revealing their identity. The developer himself is an analyst in the Saudi firm of oil.

Even outside of the corporate sector, this app has huge applications because friends can say constructive things about one another. The initial goal of the app was to get 1000 messages, but the target only reached to have few hundred messages. Then he used a different approach of connectors. The people who buy twitter followers and instagram fans with major influence shared this app and in this way it got famous.

Sections in app

This application actually has 3 sections. As the person gets messages from others so one section is for the received messages. One other section is for sent messages while the last section is for the messages the person has marked favorite. The person using it can also search for other users of this application. The person just has to go to settings of account and from there the ID can be shared with other people easily. There is also an explore tab that has to be made life yet.

This is a great messages app that helps people in saying what they can’t anonymously. It is not difficult to use this app and it can be reached out easily on all the operating systems of iOS, Android, and Windows. Both app store and Google Play have this in stock and it is completely free of cost. The only potential problem is the promotion of cyber bullying by this application. However, it can be used for fun in many ways.