How Sarahah went viral among everyone in last week?

Everyone love apps and Sarahah is an iPhone app that went viral in past few days. This app was introduced earlier this year and is famous because of the unique idea behind it. The idea of this app is to deliver the messages to anyone without informing the identity of the sender. This seems amazing for most of the people who want to say something to others that can’t be said on their face. It is just like the messaging app in which the person just shares the ID with others and gets the messages without knowing the names of senders.

Regions of fame

The regions in which this app mainly becomes famous are the countries of UK, Ireland, US, and Australia. This app was actually created by the app developer in Saudi Arabia whose name is Zain al – Abidin Tawfiq.

This works like all other social media apps to deliver and receive the messages. The idea behind this was that people are more honest when they do something anonymously.

It has become really famous not only Arab regions but also among the teenagers of English countries. The meaning of the word Sarahah which is an Arabic word is honesty or frankness.

Use in corporate setting

While making the app, the owner basically targeted the corporate sector. According to his point of view, the subordinates do not feel comfortable with reaching out to their bosses openly. There are some things they need to talk about without revealing their identity. The developer himself is an analyst in the Saudi firm of oil.

Even outside of the corporate sector, this app has huge applications because friends can say constructive things about one another. The initial goal of the app was to get 1000 messages, but the target only reached to have few hundred messages. Then he used a different approach of connectors. The people who buy twitter followers and instagram fans with major influence shared this app and in this way it got famous.

Sections in app

This application actually has 3 sections. As the person gets messages from others so one section is for the received messages. One other section is for sent messages while the last section is for the messages the person has marked favorite. The person using it can also search for other users of this application. The person just has to go to settings of account and from there the ID can be shared with other people easily. There is also an explore tab that has to be made life yet.

This is a great messages app that helps people in saying what they can’t anonymously. It is not difficult to use this app and it can be reached out easily on all the operating systems of iOS, Android, and Windows. Both app store and Google Play have this in stock and it is completely free of cost. The only potential problem is the promotion of cyber bullying by this application. However, it can be used for fun in many ways.


buy real instagram followers

How to buy Instagram followers from legit websites?

Buying Instagram followers from any website may look simple and direct task but actually, this is a full process that required a bit of research by the users itself. The person has to look into specific detail for gaining the maximum value for this investment. These details cannot be neglected as they are going to affect the future result of the user. Following are the required details to check.

Check the Previous buyer’s records

The first step to purchasing anything online is to check how much rating that particular thing is given. There are many cases that previous buyers have experience when the product is purchased. These cases are not mentioned in broacher of the product for obvious reasons. Checking the rating of the previous buyers gives an insight to the new buyers and what they could expect from the package itself. Mostly the previous buyers would also have mentioned the reasons for the rating they have given to the product. Checking the comment and rating section should always be on the mind before purchasing the followers from any website.

Identify your Niche

Some website often offers the niche type followers. This kind of followers is particularly engagement aggressive that means they engage in long conversation with the buyer about the particular topic. Niche followers are focused on the post that is posted by the users. They may or may not engage in the pictorial post but these type of follower would debate for hours on the long post created by the owner of the account. They would create necessary attraction and drag more traffic by sharing those posts on their walls. Niche followers are the best followers for the business type accounts but for personal accounts, they might be too much. But long conversations are always healthy for the user and fan following.

Identify the number of followers you require

When it comes to social media they say more the better. If the followers are more it will always the help to increase the popularity. The followers present an opportunity to the users like a concert stage where the owner of the account is the artist performing on the stage while followers are an audience watching the performance. But to buy real Instagram followers in an instant may not be as beneficial. A person has to identify the number of followers his business or personal accounts needs in the start. He needs to learn how to convey and address these followers. For this reasons, owners need to have a number in his mind.

Communicate with the followers

Try to communicate with the followers which have already been purchased by the previous owners. Check how do they respond to their niche. How communicative they are on the posts and how often do they share the posts of the main account on their walls. Check of these followers walls and see what their interest are. This will help in smooth in the process of creating an understanding between the followers and the purchaser.

The Features Of The Most powerful flashlight

The most powerful flashlights can be defined on the basis of the durability and the price. But you can also find a list of most powerful flashlight on fairly reasonable price.

Here is the list of some most powerful flashlights

  • Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL Professional Tactical Light

It can be a perfect choice as it has small size and shape; this EDC flashlight has considered this as their most prominent feature. This makes it a power giant enclosed in small size and shape. It gives a lumen output with lithium batteries. The high batteries come with C4 LED technology. It is an excellent choice for professional use as it has small size and multiple applications. It is very simple in use and it has a waterproof feature that makes it durable during rains. You can adjust the brightness based on your preferences.

It is a tactical flashlight to be used at home. It has a CREE T6 XML LED which is combined with focusing option together provides an intense beam of light. So far, this light is stronger than other lights with lumen output. It comes with five different levels of brightness which you can adjust according to your requirements. It has a unique design which makes it easy to use and handle. To make it safer, it has gold plated ring which prevents corrosion when connecting. It has a flexible power option due to its AAA or CR 123 ALKALINE batteries. To use it on high mode they are recommended for optimal use with 18650 reasonably priced lithium batteries. It has different accessories with different applications. It is the best flashlight to be bought with limited budget.

  • ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-G2 R5 LED Flashlight

The prominent feature of this flashlight is its tiny structure. By looking at the size you might think how this tiny piece of light can satisfy you by its performance. But surprisingly this CREE XP-G2 has multiple functions which provide multiple benefits to the users. It is easy to carry and handle, it can even fits in your pocket and can be even kept as keychain flashlight. Amazingly this miniature flashlight has a ability to produce 120 lumens output. It runs on AAA batteries which makes it stand out from the rest. AAA batteries are easily available so changing the batteries won’t be a mess. With this tiny structure it has the ability to produce brightness at four different levels.


Mobile games

How flash games are best for children

Children love to play flash games; they can even spend many hours on it. So it is important to choose the right game for them. It should be not only entertaining but also informative. Many people even don’t know how many benefits these flash games have on the child learning process. Flash games are available on websites that are free to play, and children can play on any electronic device.

Flash games are of short time; the child will not get bored. As these games have animated details, it attracts child attention to the right element. Many schools allow their students to play unblocked run 3 online games. You can find flash games for very age children. It also has simple games, as to choose the right ingredient or name the animal. For some older children, the strategy, and puzzle games.

Here are some reasons, how these flash games are best for children:

Strategy games:

Children playing strategy games feels like a leader, who is exploring the land. In these games all you need is your strategic thinking, luck and strength have no role in them. To be successful in these games, you have to plan for the future actions and also note and calculate what steps your opponent can take in future to defeat you. As these strategic games require judgment and intelligence, so it is suitable for the children above ten. These games make the mind work fast and take quickly and wise decision. Unblocked games are the most played games by the children under 10 years.


The logical quest of games keeps the attention of children from beginning to the end. The characteristics of the quest are the alluring storyline, numbers of location with graphics and beautiful music. These games test the capability of the mind, suitable for both children and adults. Unblocked games 77 popularity is increasing day by day.

Simulations in the games:

For the younger Children’s there are many simulators. They give a chance to pick your favorite role. Child according to his desire picks a role that he wants to be, as a gardener of a farm or a fashion stylist who pick clothes for different models. Give freedom to your child to choose a role from simulators games. From these games, you can determine the interest of the child. These games also make them responsible for fulfilling the duties from a very small age.

Flash games are a good way to teach something important to your children. They have many benefits. Parents should allow their children to play these free unblocked games77, but for less time. Too much use can have negative effects. Playing these games make your mind work fast. The child feels fresh and active whole day. Nowadays, even many adults are seen playing these flash games.

Flash games biggest advantage is that they are free, and have easy access. As the Flash games are becoming popular, you can find a wide variety of them. Children feel relax and happy while playing these games free only on


Social Media

Buy Instagram Followers: The Best Social Media App

It is not wrong to say that Instagram is one of the best social media video and Image sharing application in the market. It is an app that will allow you to share images and small videos no more than sixty seconds. The concept behind the videos is that you create short bursts of videos about your brand and then combine them in the end to create a 60-second video. It might seem a little odd, but once you start using the app you will understand it. Just like other social media apps you create an account on Instagram. Your account will have a place to add videos, edit the videos you create using awesome filters, add followers and friends just like any other social media app. And just like any other social media networks, if you have more followers on Instagram you will have more visitors to your profile. There are two ways in which you can get more followers, first is to go traditional. Use your friends and other followers and expand your network slowly. A second way is to buy real Instagram followers. It is a quick way to get more followers on your account.

Be careful when you buy Instagram followers

buy instagram likesIt seems easy, make the payment and you get hundreds of followers the next minute. It is easy of course, but there are many scams too. You need to beware of the scams. You do not want to pay money and get fake followers. It is why; you should always do proper research before you buy Instagram followers. Once you have fake followers on your profile, it will not be easy to get rid f those. Fake profile followers also result in a bad reputation. So, ensure that when you find a company which sells Instagram followers they provide real and authentic followers.

Buy Instagram followers by asking questions?

It is important to search for a company that offers cheap rates and provides hundreds of Instagram followers for your account. It is also important that those followers are real. It will be of no use if you choose a third-class service which seems cheap but provides fake followers. Ask the questions such as how long have you been working? If they answer for more than ten years, they certainly are lying.

Ask them if they have past customer’s reviews and references? If they are hesitant to provide you with references, it means that they are not reliable. Ask if they give money back guarantee? If no, then do not purchase Instagram followers from that company.

These are a few questions which you should ask before you buy active Instagram followers from a company online. If a company answers these questions with a positive response, then it means they are a reliable company. It is necessary that you have real and authentic followers. Without those followers, you will not be able to get the fame and popularity you want. If you run a business, you won’t be able to create the brand awareness you wanted.



buy instagram likes

How can the population be controlled through social media?

Why does population need to be controlled?

There are many kinds of population control out in the market. There is no denying it. As the time is progressing population control is increasing. Everybody here and then wants population control over the masses. The factor is that different societies don’t believe in the population control. Different societies believe that everyone should have their free will. If the free will is present there is no need of population control. People will believe what was being done for the better of the society. That is why population control is considered as something. When the population controls are done most of them don’t end in the best way. Population control has it lower and high moments. Such moment can sometimes be in tragedy.

What kind of population control is required?

There are many different kinds of population control. The most basic kind of population control is known as the message control. People think that controlling the number of a child per home is known as the population control. But population controls means controlling the way people are thinking to make them believe that they are doing it right there is no problem in doing this. Population control is required because it is necessary sometimes. This can also direct masses towards one direction. Most of the population control are done during the elections. The easy way of controlling a population is through the social media.

buy Instagram likes

How would population control be done through?

Population control can be through many ways. The most simple way of controlling the population is through the simplest factors that are present in the society. Let’s take social media an example people can be controlled through social media. The agenda may be small but masses can be controlled on this. People often end up fighting on the name of the religion most of the people present don’t even know these religion fights are being controlled. According to the factors, most of the religious outburst happen through the planning. People are advertised to fight when they are not even trying to fight.

What platforms are best for population control?

Instagram is one of the best population control factors. Create an id and post photos that can have conflicting messages. Thus masses can be controlled but on the Instagram, a person has to be famous. More people work on the population control the better they perform. A person with a huge number of followers can control a large amount of population. People look up to the person account as the godfather. A person can increase the follower base by buy real Instagram follower. When a large number of the follower will be following a person his voice would reach the head of the people immediately. The survey shows how much people regard to listen to a high number of follower person. There are more than four population control platforms ready for the use. Facebook twitter and WhatsApp are open.

arab world

Arab world

Defining an Arab, Who are they?

It is a term which explains a culture and linguistics. It is related to those who speak Arabic as their mother tongue. Arabs throughout the world are united by sharing same culture and history. It is not a race but rather a culture and identity that define them. Arabs are dark-skinned and have red to black hair. They are Muslims by religion, but some of the Arabs are Christians Arabs and Jewish Arabs. Both Christians and Jewish Arabs share a different religion but same culture and national language. They have the Arab decedents.

Arab world

The entire Arab world constitutes 22 the Middle East and North African countries. Countries included in the Arab world are; Algeria, Egypt Iraq Comoros island Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Libya, Mauritania, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Qatar, Tunisia, Somalia, Syria-United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Iran and Turkey are two countries located closer to Arab countries but has a different culture and national language, their national language is Farsi and Turkish. They have very diversified religious and ethnic and linguistic communities. Some main communities of the Arab world are Kurds, Berbers, and Armenians. The total population of Arabs is around 300 million which is spread across 22countries, and some of them are also being immigrated worldwide now.

Arabs and the Muslim world

There are around 1.2 billion Muslims around the world and 55 member states in an organization of Islamic countries. The highest numbers of Muslims are found in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, and China. But only Egypt among these countries is an Arab country this shows that most of the followers of Islam are not Arabs. But most of the Arabs are Muslims by religion. The highest numbers of Muslim Arabs are found in Saudi Arabia which is a land of Muslims. The Arabs originally originated from Saudi Arabia as the religious language of all the Muslims is Arabic. The holy book of all the Muslims is in Arabic, but the majority of Muslims live outside Saudi Arabia, due to which most Muslims are not Arabs.

The Middle East and Arab world

The Middle East is a term to define the territory starting from Egypt to the Persian Gulf, Israel and Iran; all these countries are Arab countries. Turkey is defined as both the part of the Middle East and Europe. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are part of South Asia, but they share a border with Arab countries.

Arab Americans

As explained earlier Arabs are defined by their culture and the language they speak, Arab Americans are the American decedents of Arab. They are the American with roots originating from Arab countries. Most of them came from Lebanon, Palestine, and Libya. American Arabs also have communities from Egypt Iraq and Yemen. The first immigration of the Arabs started in the 19th century. The major wave of immigration began after World War II. From then till now Arabs are still immigrating to different countries. Arab Americans have the largest community being immigrated to Detroit Dearborn.


The latest educational policies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

One of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai highest priorities is education. The greatest use of wealth is to invest in creating educated and trained people. Access to education was limited when Abu Dhabi and Dubai was established. After some years transformation and investment have been made in education.

Today they are offering extensive and broad education every male and female from kindergarten to university level. They have many private sectors with quality education and offering some course abroad at government expense. Today education in the Arab world is better than the before.

Education in the Arab world and Educational policy plan of Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

The ministry of education developed five years plan to bring some significant changes and improvement in the education system. They focus especially the way the teacher teaches and students learn. The ministry of education introduced new education techniques in their plan with best practices, focusing on improving innovative skills and developing self-learning abilities. These changes are focused on greater accountability, standards and better-improved professionalism. The smart learning course is also part of the education program. Teachers code and evaluation, curriculum revision, are all part of this educational strategy.

In educational policy teachers training was given the focus. They were hoping to train public school teachers. As trained teacher will teach student better and accurate than the non-trained teachers. Education in Arab world and teacher roles have a close relation. Teachers in the Arab world are trying to give the best as to make their students bright and successful.

In education plan, establishing integrated e-learning in government school was an essential part of this strategy. 1 billion programs have introduced in four stages in five years. The main objective was to provide every student with tablet and 4G network. They are also providing e-concept with a textbook on phones, iPods and Androids. Teachers will be given training for all this before the implementation of this rule in schools and universities. Education in Arab world has been modernised.

The department of special education has also taken part in the educational plan and ensure that these special students have the same right as other school and universities have. They stress to include the same opportunities for the students as in regular education system students have.

In education policy, sports and a healthy lifestyle are not neglected. They also introduced school game project. Their ambition is to increase student participation in sports and discovering the new talent. They want to give awareness how physical training is good for health.

These latest educational policies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai has brought many changes in their educational system. Now they are more advanced using new technologies and running towards the great future. Ministry of education in Dubai and Abu Dhabi want to improve their education system. They want their student to have every knowledge so they can compete in this world. Education in Arab world is improved so much, and still, they are trying to make their system more strong.


10 best things about the Sahara Desert

The map of northern African display most of the part of it covered in Sahara desert. Sahara desert is one of the hottest deserts in the world. The range of this desert includes the Mediterranean in the north, Atlantic, at the east red sea. It has swallowed most of the part of Africa.

This desert has mind blowing facts, some of which are described below

The species of plants

Almost 1200 plant species are found in this hot desert. Green vegetation is stretched in Sahara; this scattered green vegetation includes succulents, herbs, trees, grasses, and shrubs.  The best thing about this sparse vegetation is that it is very easily adaptable to heat and the condition of drought.

  1. Sahara as a fertile farmland

Over 8000 years ago, green leafy crops were grown on the fields of this desert. The presence of glaciers around the northern Europe made this desert fertile by keeping it well watered. So this vast land was once green and fertile. But science says that some chemical and environmental changes took place and changed this lush green land into a desert. The discovery of the cave drawings showed that this desert was once green grassland.

  1. Some parts of this desert are still fertile

Although it is the driest land of the earth, still the 8000 square miles of this land is covered in green oases. Actually, 2% of this desert is covered in greenery. This land is also being blessed with the ease of irrigation which has helped to keep it fertile. Irrigation has helped to transform this desert near the Nile in Egypt into green land.

  1. Hottest desert of the world

Sahara is known to be the hottest desert in the world. Nights are generally cold, sometimes the temperature falls to freezing point and below which is the outcome of lack of humidity during summers. But specifically talking about the hot temperature, the hottest recorded temperature of Sahara is 136 degrees F, during 1992 in Libya.

  1. Population of this desert

There are almost 2 million people living in Sahara presently. It is very difficult for people to survive there with this high temperature and the lack of suitable flora and fauna.

  1. Animals in Sahara

Some of the most attractive species of animals are found in Sahara. These animals are unique thus cannot be found anywhere in the world.

  1. Earth’s history

Scientific and geological studies have confirmed that Sahara desert has the capability of shrinking and growing in size.

  1. Snowcapped peaks of this desert

Another fascinating fact about this desert is that you will find snow-capped peaks during winters. This desert is geographically rocky and underground rivers are also present which often comes out in the form of an oasis. Some peaks are volcanic as well. These peaks are known to be an excellent destination for trekking.

  1. Less than half sand

The word desert clearly explains that it must contain endless massive banks of sand, yes it is true. But there are many parts of this desert which comprise of the very thin layer of sand and remaining of gravel substrata. Sahara is only 30% sand and 70% gravel

  1. The biggest desert

You must have studied in your course books that Sahara desert is the largest desert of the earth, but in reality, it is the second largest in an area. The largest desert is Antarctica.

abu dhabi

Why U.A.E is the best region to setup a company

U.A.E is the best region to setup a company because starting a business over there is effortless and hassle-free. Their government had the pro-investment and business policies. They always encouraged foreign investment. The UAE offered the incentives for the one who setup company over here. The business person doing Company setup in Abu Dhabi is also given incentives for their investments. Doing Company setup in this region has simple procedures, and taxation is almost not there. Doing all this because they think backing new business will help them to sustain their economy in the long run. Due to all these reasons, UAE is the best region to setup a company.

Some important reason, why to consider UAE for starting a company:

Flourishing economy of UAE:

The economy of UAE is dynamic and flourishing one, that’s why it is attractive for many company owners to setup company in UAE. Many people are considering to start company setup in Abu Dhabi. This region has a stable financial climate that’s why many business owners want to start a business here. Due to strong financial climate they can start and can earn more profits within a few years, they can operate their business successfully.

Rules and regulation are applied:

Totally different rules and regulation are for the foreign investors who want to setup company in this region. The Paperwork is very basic and quick, fast procedures to setup company. This fast procedure helps to setup company more easily, and quickly having registration, licensing as well.

Workers are easily available:

UAE is the place many people come to earn for themselves and to support their families, they think wages over here are good enough, and taxes are not much applicable to them, so there is no shortage of manpower. In this region, you can find both skilled and non-skilled labors. If you are setting up the company over here you will have no problem in hiring them for doing operations for your company. If doing Company setup in Dubai, there also you can find skilled and non-skilled labors easily.


The free zones in UAE are providing good physical infrastructures, power supply, connectivity, and warehousing.

Support from the government:

The government in UAE region provides support services to the foreign investors doing business. They help them with license, documentation, postcards and certificates. They have good and favorable business policies for the investors making company setup over here.

UAE has free zones, these are the special zones which have a special tax, customs and import rules, and regulation. In the UAE there are 35 free zones. Doing business over there gives you many benefits.

When doing Company setup in Abu Dhabi consider these free zones to start because they are free from import and export tax. These areas give the foreign investor full ownership of the company. Corporate tax is not applicable for 50 years and also free from the income tax.

These are all the reasons why the UAE is the best region to setup a company.