How IG TV is getting popular rapidly in 2018

IG TV is new app owned by Instagram which is going to be famous now a days. People can upload videos of different length on it. They can become more popular by using this new application. Here we discuss how it is getting popular rapidly.

What is IG TV

It is video application which is authorized by Instagram. People can post their videos on it to interact with their Instagram followers. It basically targets people who want to upload videos of length more than 60 seconds. Most of the applications like WhatsApp allows to upload videos of shorter length. On the other hand IG TV allows people to upload videos of greater length. Due to its video lengthening, it competes YouTube which also allows people to upload videos of greater length.

How you can get it

It is little bit difficult to apply new things appeared in market. IG tv can easily gotten by installing through play store. It also shows on the Instagram for uploading videos. Social media lovers easily use it. They can get it through play store and Instagram application. But you should have enough space in your mobile phone for downloading it through play store. Instagram provides value added services by addition of this new application. A new pop up appears on the right side of Instagram for opening it directly through this application.

Users of IG TV on Instagram

There is no limitation of using IG TV on Instagram like either android or iOS users. Both of android and IOS users can use this application. Users of android mobile can download this application through play store. On the other hand, IOS users can download this app through app store. They can use it for uploading their greater length of videos.

Features of IG TV

When you open IG TV application, videos of people shows to whom you follow. This is by default first appearing page on this application. In addition, different tabs appear on application like popular, followers, like you etc. You can select tab which you prefer to open. This helps to show your followers greater length videos for you. You can enjoy by watching those videos.

You can watch most popular videos of Instagram by selecting tab of popular. This shows most renowned videos of people you follow. If you close app by skipping entire application, you can again open app and watch videos where you left.

How IG TV getting popular rapidly

IG TV application is getting popular as it competes other videos watching application like YouTube. Most of the people are using it as it shows greater length videos which is not possible through other social media channels.

As concluded to the above discussion, IG TV application will be most preferred app in near future as it includes different features. It tries to compete a huge social media channel like YouTube and will have some future in this point of view. You should try to use it if you want to make videos of greater length and capture nice views.

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