What is attribution and flow analysis? Why is it important in web analytics?

Have you seen a web analytics providing your attribution and flow analysis? Are you wondering about what they are and how they can help you? Almost all the good analytics in modern era provide you attribution details. It helps you in taking a look at the journey of your client. Then you have the flow analysis which essentially analyze the journey of the client on your website and help you in taking a look at the interaction points. We will see both tools in detail below and talk about why they are getting important in web analytics.


Attribution helps you in taking a look at the interactions of your customers throughout his journey that has an impact on the conversion. The precise impact of every touch is carefully examined by machine learning and advanced statistical methods.

Attribution is a tool that allows you to understand how much your content is converting. Every customer goes through a journey whenever he or she is coming to you through digital marketing. Attribution allows you to take a look at the elements on his way to your company and understand their effectiveness. For instance, it might be a promotional email which led him to watching a video along which there was a display ad and from there he came to your website. So, it is about understanding the role that your email played in the journey of the customer or taking a look at how effective your video was or even understanding the importance of that little display ad coming along as he was on his way to your website.

Flow analysis

Flow analysis is also essentially about monitoring the journey of your traffic. You get to know about the flow of the customers throughout your website i.e. from they entered your site and where they left and what were the pages in between that your visitor spent time at. The flow and fallout analysis of the journey of a customer helps you in controlling it. You get to match the metrics and dimensions and add up some more spice to your existing content and understand about the behavior of your customer and his actions on your website to make sure that you know about where they were most interactive and mold your site or service in such a way that it starts getting more hits and people spend more time on it.

Moreover, there are certain analytics that will help you in creating the fallout reports as to where your traffic is going after leaving your website or app so that you can enhance their experience and make them stick to your site.

Why it is important?

The attribution and flow analysis both are important in various ways. One allow you to measure the effectiveness of your content while the other helps you in knowing about the user and his interaction points so that you can modify your website or app and make sure that your client stick to it for longer time and enhance your conversion rates.